OSA uses Romanization Tables developed by the Library of Congress and approved by the American Library Association.

ALA-LC Romanization Tables. Transliteration Schemes for Non-Roman Scripts:

Take care to avoid modifier characters (ligature marks) as they are not always widely supported in display and printing.

Example: "литературная энциклопедия" transliterates NOT as "literaturnai͡a ėnt͡siklopedii͡a" but as "literaturnaia entsiklopediia"

Note: The Ђ ђ letters are considered obsolete in modern Russian. These characters are found primarily in pre-revolutionary and emigré publications. (Transliterate as IE ie.)

Romanization Table for transliterating modern Russian texts

Cyrillic letters

Roman letters

А а

A a

Б б

B b

В в

V v

Г г

G g

Д д

D d

Е е

E e

Ё ё

E e

Ж ж

Zh zh

З з

Z z

И и

I i

Й й

I i

К к

K k

Л л

L l

М м

M m

Н н

N n

О о

O o

П п

P p

Р р

R r

С с

S s

Т т

T t

У у

U u

Ф ф

F f

Х х

Kh kh

Ц ц

Ts ts

Ч ч

Ch ch

Ш ш

Sh sh

Щ щ

Shch shch

Ъ ъ

(hard sign)

Ы ы

Y y

Ь ь

(soft sign)

Э э

E e

Ю ю

IU iu

Я я

IA ia

Written by Emily Hanlon on Thursday August 25, 2016 - updated on Friday August 26, 2016