Finding Aids

Finding aid by definition is the broadest term to cover any description or means of reference made or received by an archives service in the course of establishing administrative or intellectual control over archival material.

In this section of the AMS the user will be producing item level or folder level descriptions. This is the most granular level of description. The metadata fields in this section of the AMS are based on the OSA Data Model.

These descriptions will be searchable in the OSA Catalog. They may also be displayed in the OSA Digital Repository.

One of four possible mediums can be added to the add at the Folder/Item level. These are Textual, Video, Audio, Still Image. Depending on the medium type chose to add to the selected series, some of the metadata fields in the AMS will be changed slightly.

Accordingly, in this Folders/Items section clearly indicates if specific fields relate to specific mediums only.


There are two submenus in this module:

Folders / Items - to input the metadata fields of Finding Aids

Organizer - to (re)arrange the already existed fields and records

Written by Leposa Balázs on Friday August 28, 2020 - updated on Monday February 1, 2021