Controlled List

As controlled lists act like predefined sets of data, they provide a controlled vocabulary for select boxes, and multi-select boxes, where free data entry is not allowed.

The categories of available Controlled List are:

  • Access Rights
  • Archival Unit Thermes
  • Building
  • Carrier Types
  • Corporation Roles
  • Data Types
  • Extent Units
  • Geo Roles
  • Keyword
  • Language Usages
  • Person Roles
  • Primary Types
  • Reproduction Types
  • Restriction Reasons

As the elements of the controlled list have no default set of metadata, all of them can be modified in this module using the action buttons. Note: Only those elements can be deleted which are not used in any other modules in the AMS.

Written by Leposa Balázs on Monday October 12, 2020 - updated on Friday February 17, 2023