Control Tab

This tab is responsible for encompassing the metadata fields prescribed by the ISAAR-CPF standard targeting to describe the authority record itself:

Institution identifier

Standard Reference: ISAAR 5.2.4 Format: Controlled field, Automated Purpose: To identify the agency(ies) responsible for the authority record. This field will indicate ‘OSA’. Rule: Record the full authorized form of name(s) of the agency(ies) responsible for creating, modifying, or disseminating the authority record or record a code for the agency by the national or international agency code standard. Include reference to any systems of identification used to identify the institutions (e.g. ISO 15511).


Standard Reference: ISAAR 5.4.3 Format: Free text. Purpose: To identify the national or international conventions or rules applied in creating the archival authority record. Rule: Record the names and where useful the editions or publication dates of the conventions or rules applied. Specify separately which rules have been applied for creating the Authorized form of name. Include reference to any system(s) of dating used to identify dates in this authority record (e.g. ISO 8601).

Authority record identifier

Standard Reference: ISAAR 5.4.1 Format: Controlled field, Automated. Purpose: To identify the authority record uniquely within the context in which it will be used. Rule: Record a unique authority record identifier by local and/or national conventions. If the authority record is to be used internationally, record the country code of the country in which the authority record was created by the latest version of ISO 3166 Codes for the representation of names of countries. Where the creator of the authority record is an international organization, give the organizational identifier in place of the country code.


Standard Reference: ISAAR 5.4.8 Format: Free text Purpose: To identify the sources consulted in creating the authority record. Rule: Record the sources consulted in establishing the authority record.


Select the appropriate language from the drop-down list. Read more on Languages of Authority Lists.

Level of detail

Standard Reference: ISAAR 5.4.5 Format: Controlled field, Automated Purpose: To indicate whether the authority record applies a minimal, partial, or full level of detail. Rule: Indicate whether the record consists of a minimal, partial, or full level of detail by relevant international and/or national guidelines and/or rules. In the absence of national guidelines or rules, minimal records are those that consist only of the four essential elements of an ISAAR(CPF) compliant authority record (see 4.8), while full records are those that convey information for all relevant ISAAR(CPF) elements of description.

Internal note

Format: Free text. Purpose: To indicate to OSA colleagues any details about the subject of the ISAAR record.


Standard Reference: ISAAR 5.4.4 Format: Controlled field, Automated Purpose: To indicate the drafting status of the authority record so that users can understand the current status of the authority record. Rule: Record the current status of the authority record, indicating whether the record is a draft, finalized, and/or revised, or deleted.

Written by Leposa Balázs on Monday October 5, 2020 - updated on Friday February 17, 2023