The records related to OSA’s donors can be administered in this sub-module.

The Fields of Donor Records

The source of the Donor information is the documentation produced during the appraisal and/or during the process of transferring the archival materials to the Blinken OSA. Additional information about the donor may be found in authority records such as Library of Congress authority files or through a search of the Virtual International Authority Files (VIAF), at Donor Files are for internal use. Please include as much information as possible.


This field is not editable and has no content until you are in edit or view mode. In this case, you can see the already saved donor's name here.

First name, Middle name, Last name [Mandatory]

If the donor is a person his or her name can be entered here.

Corporate name

You can input the name of the appropriate corporate, organization here.

Postal Code [Mandatory]

Input the postal code of the donor's address.

Country [Mandatory]

Choose one from the drop-down list.

City [Mandatory]

Input the city of the donor's address.

Address [Mandatory]

Input the street address and house number.


Input the phone number of the donor (preferably in international format: +49.........).


Input the fax number of the donor (preferably in international format: +49.........).


Input the E-mail address of the donor.


Type or paste the URL of the donor's website.


Use this Note field to indicate any other information pertinent to the donor or the collection associated with the donor file.

Written by Leposa Balázs on Thursday August 27, 2020 - updated on Friday February 17, 2023