Required Values Tab

This form contains fields for all metadata that is mandatorily required to securely save the authority record. This subset of the fields contains the most essential information of the related entity:

Authorized forms of name

Standard Reference: ISAAR 5.1.2 Format: Free text. Note: Last name, First Name. Purpose: To create an authorized access point that uniquely identifies a corporate body, person or family. Rule: Record the standardized form of name for the entity being described in accordance with any relevant national or international conventions or rules applied by the agency that created the authority record. Use dates, place, jurisdiction, occupation, epithet and other qualifiers as appropriate to distinguish the authorized form of name from those of other entities with similar names. Specify separately in the Rules and/or conventions element 5.4.3) which set of rules has been applied for this element. Example: Dean, James

Read more on Transliteration policy.


Standard Reference: ISAAR 5.1.1 Format: Controlled vocabulary, drop-down list. Purpose: To indicate whether the entity being described is a corporate body, person or family. Rule: Choose from the three options in the drop-down list the type of entity that is being described in this authority record.

Date existence from, Date existence to,

Standard Reference: ISAAR 5.2.1 Format: Free text, Date From - Date To: Date format: YYYY, or YYYY-MM, or YYYY-MM-DD Purpose: To indicate the dates of existence of the corporate body, person or family. Rule: Record the dates of existence of the entity being described. For corporate bodies include the date of establishment/foundation/enabling legislation and dissolution. For persons include the dates or approximate dates of birth and death or, when these dates are not known, floruit dates. Where parallel systems of dating are used, equivalences may be recorded according to relevant conventions or rules. Specify in the Rules and/or conventions element (5.4.3) the system(s) of dating used, e.g. ISO 8601. Example: 1985, 1985-10, 1985-10-23

Written by Leposa Balázs on Monday October 5, 2020 - updated on Tuesday February 16, 2021