Adaptation of Professional Standards

In this section you will find adaptations to the international archival standards ISAD(G) and ISAAR, implemented at the OSA. Adaptations to MARC21 and AACR2 are outlined in Chapter 4 Koha User Manual.

ISAAR Adaptations

5.1.3 Parallel forms of name

  • This field is omitted

5.3 Relationships Area

  • The Relationships Area is omitted

5.4 Control Area


  • OSA added ‘Internal Notes’ field


  • 5.4.6 Data of Creation, Revision, Deletion

  • 5.4.9 Maintenance Notes


  • Field included but with modification:

5.4.7 Language(s) and scripts: In our system the field is labeled simply ‘Languages’

6. Relating Corporate Corporate Bodies, Persons and Families to Archival Materials and Other Resources

  • This area is omitted in the AMS

ISAD(G) Adaptations

3.1 Identity Area


  • OSA added ‘Predominant Date’ field in AMS

  • OSA added ‘Carrier of the unit of description’ field in AMS


  • Title 3.1.2

The Title rule indicates that descriptions should “distinguish between formal and supplied titles according to national or language conventions”. At the fonds, sub-fonds and series level of description OSA does not distinguish between the various types of title.

3.2 Context Area


  • OSA added ‘Name of the Creator (ISAAR)’ field in AMS

3.3 Content and Structure Area


  • In OSA’s AMS this area is titled simply ‘Content’

  • OSA Adapted ‘Scope and Content’ into two fields, one ‘Scope and Content (Abstract)’ and one ‘Scope and Content (Narrative)’

3.4 Conditions of Access and Use Area


  • In OSA’s AMS there is a field ‘Reason of restriction’ included, which is not found in ISAD(G)

  • A field titled ‘Embargo’ included in the AMS and is not found in ISAD(G)


  • This area is titled simply ‘Access and Use’ in the OSA AMS

  • The ISAD(G) 3.4.1 field ‘Conditions governing access’ is titled ‘Access rights’ in the AMS

  • The ISAD(G) 3.4.2 field ‘Conditions governing reproduction’ is titled ‘Reproduction rights’ in the AMS

  • The ISAD(G) 3.4.3 field ‘Language/scripts of material’ is titled ‘Languages’ in the OSA’s AMS

  • The ISAD(G) 3.4.5 field ‘Finding aids’ is titled ‘Related Finding Aids’ in the OSA’s AMS

3.5 Allied Materials


  • ISAD(G) 3.5.3 ‘Related Units of description’


  • The ISAD(G) field ‘Existence and location of originals’ 3.5.1 is titled ‘Location of originals’ in OSA’s AMS

  • The ISAD(G) field ‘Existence and location of copies’ 3.5.2 is titled ‘Location of copies’ in the OSA’s AMS

3.6 Notes Area


  • ‘Internal Notes’ field added


  • The ISAD(G) 3.7.3 field ‘Dates of descriptions’ in the ISAD(G) Description Area has been merged with the Notes Area 3.6, is not included


  • This field has been merged with the ISAD(G) 3.7 Description Control Area

3.7 Description Control Area


  • The fields of this area are included in the ‘Notes’ area tab (ISAD(G) 3.6)

Written by Emily Hanlon on Thursday August 25, 2016 - updated on Friday August 26, 2016