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Physical characteristics (and technical requirements)

Standard Reference: ISAD(G) 3.4.4 Format: Free text Purpose: To provide information about any important physical characteristics or technical requirements that affect the use of the unit of description. Rule: Indicate any important physical conditions, such as preservation requirements, that affect the use of the unit of description. Note any software and/or hardware required to access the unit of description. Example: The quality of the microfilm reels is degrading.

Related Finding Aids

Standard Reference: ISAD(G) 3.4.5 Format: Free text. URL. Add the URL and information in the appropriate fields in the AMS. Purpose: To identify any finding aids to the unit of description that is available in the Blinken OSA catalog. Rule: Give information about any internal finding aids that the repository or records creator may have that provide information relating to the context and contents of the unit of description. If appropriate, include information on where to obtain a copy.

Written by Leposa Balázs on Wednesday October 7, 2020 - updated on Friday February 17, 2023