Koha User Guide

This chapter addresses library cataloging in the Koha system. It contains three sections

i. Original Cataloging in Koha

ii. Holdings Record Cataloging Guide

iii. Authority Control and Authorized Values in Koha

Content Standard

These are the rules for describing items in a metadata record using AACR2.

The metadata standard employed in Koha is MARC21. It creates the framework for bibliographic, authority, and holdings records.

The basic divisions of the MARC 21 bibliographic record are:

0XX Control information, numbers, codes (usually defined in frameworks)

1XX Main entry

2XX Titles, edition, imprint

3XX Physical description

4XX Series statement (as shown in the item)

5XX Notes

6XX Subject added entries

7XX Added entries other than subject or series

8XX Series added entries (other authoritative forms)

9XX Locally-defined uses

In the Koha system, where there are question marks next to MARC field names, there are links to the Library of Congress (LoC) help pages.

Examples follow the explanation for each field.

Written by Emily Hanlon on Thursday August 25, 2016 - updated on Friday August 26, 2016