Introduction to Library Management

OSA Library selects, orders and receives materials for its collections by purchase or donations.

Library materials including books, journals and ephemera publications received as part of an archival accession are separated and processed in the Library Management System.

Library items that constitute part of an archival fonds, sub-fonds and series are labeled accordingly, with the source of acquisition indicated on the item. Direct links between items in special library collections and the appropriate archival fond, sub-fonds and series are recorded during cataloging and are reflected in the metadata record displayed on the OSA catalog.

In this manual’s Appendix B, Supporting Policies section, please find a Collections Management policy which will explicitly define which materials should be included in the archive or the library and how that decision is made at OSA.

Provenance information is a mandatory metadata element and should always be recorded for all library documents during processing.

OSA Library is a non-circulating library. However, it offers inter-library loan services to partner institutions.

Written by Emily Hanlon on Tuesday April 12, 2016 - updated on Tuesday August 30, 2016